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Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Back!

After a painfully long 2-month hiatus, Spreading Tasty Jams is back to help you schmear some delicious tunes all over your summer.

LOTS of notable music has been coming out since last post, but more regular entries on my part should take us up to speed. To kick off this new chapter in STJ history, where better to start than with Bon Iver and the Twin Cities. I'm talking about GAYNGS, the new hometown supergroup started by producer Mark Olson and featuring members of Doomtree, Solid Gold, The Rosebuds, and a few other local bands--getting some killer support from Justin Vernon, too. The album came out in May, so this may be old news for some, but if you do not have this album. Buy. It. Now. Sometimes haunting, other times just plain groovy, the record pushes each of its collaborators into a new musical direction (POS sings his song rather than rapping; Justin Vernon trades in sophisticated cryptic lyrics for cheesy love songs--and it works!) The Guardian has already called it possibly one of the best albums of the year, so don't let the Brits get ahead of you on this one.

Also on the Bon Iver front, the band's drummer, Sean Carey, is about to come out with a solo album. The single from the record gives Casey a marvelous opportunity to show off his musicality, featuring piano, electronics, solid drum beats (obviously) and a very pleasant voice. Hope the rest of the album is equally as delightful.

Until next time... Listen away
Gayngs - The Gaudy Side of Town
Sean Carey - In The Dirt

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